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The Magic of Mandu – ” Suhur-e-Shaadiabad” (The Medieval Metropolis of Malwa)

Winner of the National Tourism Award 2018-19 under the Category – ” Excellence in Publishing – English. The Magic of Mandu – ” Suhur-e-Shaadiabad” (The Medieval Metropolis of Malwa) This collaborative effort was aimed at recreating the lost splendor of Mandu – a medieval metropolis – that thrived between 1401-1650 CE and went on to become the largest fortified capital in the whole world. With its multi-cultural beginnings, Mandu evolved as an originator of art and architecture in Indian Subcontinent. But all that is past and forgotten! “The Magic of Mandu” wants to set right the historical facts and accord Mandu the stature and respect it rightfully deserves. By making use of specially commissioned artistic visualizations, an attempt was made to depict Mandu as it looked in its heydays. In the very heart of the Indian Subcontinent, “Highlands of Central India” constitute an important landscape that has fostered human population since time immemorial. To its north-west, an extended elevated plateau of volcanic origin “Malwa” nurtured by a plethora of criss-crossing rivers, presented the most congenial climatic conditions for human habitation. This otherwise dull landscape is sprinkled with low-rise isolated hillocks, generally devoid of human presence. However, one such prominent outcrop went beyond the obvious and reached the zenith of urban sophistication.

Size of the book: Coffee Table Book Hardcover Format – (8 inch X 8 inch )