The idea of Resurrect Books dawned upon our conscience when we embarked on our journey of discovering the many myriad shades of India. If the gigantic Chola temples left us speechless, terracotta figures of the Indus made us more inquisitive...and we were frantically traversing through the immeasurable wealth. If the monumental legacy overwhelmed us, the appalling public indifference, surprise us. There cannot be worst situation where we Indians, fail to understand, dither and become apathetic to its conservation. We felt a strong need to re-kindle this lost warmth, and what could be a better way than writing or discussing about them.
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We at Resurrect Books, aim to document the immeasurable wealth of India, in our own modest ways. Quite like our areas of interest, our themes vary from Art, Architecture, Heritage, Natural Wealth.
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We are extremely passionate about Books and Layout Design. We keep on experimenting with text, layouts and its forms, which leads to unexpected results at times. Our passion drives our Design. We are ready to discuss what exactly you are looking for.
Resurrect Books deals with Design and Publishing. we work with you to put all of the pieces together for any marketing or publishing project. From consultancy and concept, through photography and graphic design to proofing and printing, Resurrect gives you the peace of mind to know that your project will run smoothly, on time and on budget.
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Xplore Chanderi, Xplore Ajanta , Xplore Ellora, Temples of India, Wildlife of Madagascar...
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Restoring Glorious Past

Ajaygarh Group of Temples

Crumbling Temple Ruins at Ajaygarh

Captivating Kalinjar


Xplore Ajanta Guidebook - Coming Soon

Mesmerizing Ellora

Xplore Ellora Guidebook - Coming Soon

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Collectors Envy

Magnificent Khajuraho


Soaring to the sky - Laxmana Temple

Into the Wilds

Bestselling Book on Entomology

Bestseller Wildlife Guidebook, Wildlife

Bestselling Book on Wildlife



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