Embark . Explore . Experience ANCIENT EGYPT with Augmented Reality

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-8193208571

Have you ever wondered how human civilizations evolve, and how they collapse? How does natural congeniality impact any civilization, and cater to their material, creative, and spiritual needs? Ancient Egypt, famously known as the Gift of the Nile, is uniquely exceptional in the annals of human history, for a multitude of reasons. The list of ‘Firsts’ is long, and the benchmarks have remained unparalleled even after millenia. Ancient Egypt has not only retained its mysterious aura and magical charm but also become synonymous with eternal amazement. Come, let’s … Embark, explore, and experience this intoxicating concoction, a blend of intriguing mystery and never-ending astonishment with augmented reality (AR), from the comfort of your homes! Let’s relive Ancient Egypt!