Bukhara (Buxoro)

Bukhara is a shining showpiece amongst the fading cities of the erstwhile silk route. To be precise, your trip to Uzbekistan, would be incomplete if you fail to see Bukhara, the undisputed gem of Turkestan. In its present form, Bukhara preserves an ensemble of edifices contrasted over a century. Base yourself around the Lyabi Hauz […]

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Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park “Man-eaters have always been numerous in Mandla” – Forsyth, 1889 India’s wildlife has reached a critical stage in its survival, and the country is fortunate in possessing a sanctuary like Kanha Park, … Above all, Kanha Park is part of India’s cultural heritage, a heritage in many ways more important than the Taj […]

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“For Khiva, having surprisingly survived undamaged so far, is a genuine oasis of art, a relic of the past in a different world and a unique gem of city architecture.” Edgar Knobloch Khiva is a wondrous fantasy-land! This ruined deserted city with monumental architectural legacy in the Khorezm region of Turkestan was one of thriving Silk […]

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