Travel Stories

“… a whiff of air, intoxicated with mild fragrance of wild lavenders; a quietness overpowered by symphonies of scores of invisible living beings; these are just a few of the infinite charms of an Indian jungle, that i have been fortunate to experience. I have found these vistas of wilderness, immensely soulful, perfect for an emotional and mental recoup – A regeneration that lingers on forever! It’s a magical concoction made by nature to soothe all our senses. Yes! Your life is “incomplete” if you have not seen a jungle as it is something that cannot be simulated; experienced from writings, commentaries, photographs and videos. These must be seen by own eyes, absorbed through all five senses, and savored at ease, as warmth of a campfire cannot be encoded in words. Same is true for a night-out under a dazzling star-studded sky with crickets singing aloud. For culinary temptations, I bet if you could find a better place for experiencing survival with food cooked on earthen ovens imparting subtle flavors of smoke … ”